You Have 60 Minutes. Can You Save The Day?

Experience an immersive adventure in the heart of Tustin, Orange County

Ready For An Intrepid Escape Room Adventure?

Choose a theme. Do you want to sneak into and explore an abandoned subway station, investigate a mysterious disappearance in a famous anthropologist’s study, or search for treasure in an ancient pirate ship?

Our Intrepid adventure guides will transport you to a room carefully crafted to immerse your group in your chosen adventure.

You’ll have to work as a team to decode ciphers, find keys, solve puzzles, and spot clues as you seek to accomplish the mission before time runs out.

Intrepid Escape Rooms is a great activity to experience with family, friends and colleagues in Tustin, OC.

Our Escape Adventures

woman playing chess during Orange County escape room

Escape Room

Jewel of the Sea

Pirate Ship
Hidden Treasure
Family Friendly
Great For Enthusiasts

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes    Challenge: Moderate

Explore this mysterious 18th century pirate ship docked in beautiful Barbados. 

Rumors say the ship, Jewel of the Sea, still has untold riches hidden in its hull!

Can you find the hidden treasure?

couple looking at each other during Terminal escape room

Escape Room

The Terminal

New York City
Urban Exploration
Family Friendly
Great For First Timers

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes    Challenge: Mild

Join us for a round of urban exploration in an abandoned NYC subway station.

No trains have been down those tracks in decades.

Nothing could possibly go off the rails, right?

woman playing chess during Orange County escape room

Escape Room

The Stolen Relic

Artifact Recovery
Family Friendly
Great For Enthusiasts

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes    Challenge: Moderate

Head to Malaysia with Intrepid’s team of accomplished adventurers to hunt for the Askar relic.

It vanished from a dig site, presumed stolen by a deranged anthropologist who’s also gone missing.

Can you get to the bottom of the mystery?

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“We absolutely LOVED Intrepid. We now have done BOTH of their escape rooms and had a BLAST. They pay attention to detail and put a lot of thought into their puzzles.”

– Jennifer Bryson on Google

“We had my son’s 9th birthday party here, and both the adults and kids had a blast!”

– Evert U. on Yelp

“So good! Can’t recommend this place enough! The establishment has incredible theming, and the staff are so charismatic and friendly.”


– Nysa Dela Cruz on Google

“Super immersive, fun, high tech, great design. I guarantee you’ve never seen a nicer pre-game briefing room and maybe even lobby for that matter.”

– dcvducksfan on Morty

“What I enjoyed most about this place was the involvement of the staff being in character. They are friendly and fun and really play their part in their room immersion.”

– Ky P. on Yelp

“Very immersive, creative and well-executed. Perfect for beginners but also enjoyable for enthusiasts”

– Janet Sagata on Google

Special Events At Intrepid Escape Rooms

The combination of theatrical storytelling and collaborative puzzle solving makes Intrepid escape adventures the best option for team building, private events, and celebrations in Tustin, Orange County.

Photo of a team of young adults in The Terminal escape room at Intrepid Escape Rooms

Team Building

A team building event in Tustin that your colleagues/employees will actually enjoy!

Watch workplace tension melt away as everyone eagerly joins the collective effort to beat the clock and escape the room – while critical skills like communication and quick thinking are put to the test.

Birthday Party

The Tustin birthday party that everyone will rave about and remember long after it’s over!

Watch (and even take part) as the guests high-five each other on every puzzle and task they crack…with the largest celebration reserved for the end, when hopefully they beat the clock and escape the room.

Birthday party at Intrepid Escape Rooms
Couple after an escape room in Orange County

Date Night

A unique and offbeat date night idea in Tustin that the both of you will fondly look back on!

Go on a dreamy adventure, communicate potential clues and solutions to each other, and bond over challenging puzzles and tasks. Whether it’s a first date or you’ve been an item for some time, a 2-person escape room is a great idea for your special night!

What Makes Us Unique

Immersive Rooms

We research the theme and ensure that props, lighting, room decor and everything else match. We also keep control over the narrative, revealing it gradually to create the feel of an adventure unfolding in real-time.

Innovative Experience Design

The experience begins the moment you step into the lobby, which we’ve turned into an adventurers’ club with game masters serving as your adventure guides.

Story-driven Adventures

Expect more than a series of random locks and puzzles in our escape games! Every clue you find and every task you attempt will move the story forward, till all the pieces fall in place when you finally escape the room!

Check Out Our Mobile Escape Rooms

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Gift Card

Looking for an unforgettable gift for someone in and around Orange County? Gift them an experience they’ll never forget. Gift them an Intrepid Escape Rooms adventure.

Making Memories

Team up with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones to live through experiences you would only have dreamed of, till now!

Leave behind the daily grind for an adventure in an exciting setting.

Bond with your teammates over a shared challenge and goal.

Every clue spotted and every puzzle cracked is worth a mini-celebration on its own.

Look forward to that moment of exhilaration when you hopefully escape the room before the clock hits 00:00.

How To Reach Us

By Car

1 mile from the 5 and 55 freeways, with ample parking space just outside our front door

By Train

2 miles from Tustin Metrolink Station

By Plane

5 miles from John Wayne Airport