What is an escape room?

What is it that makes an escape room one of the best ways to have family get-togethers, team building events and personal celebrations in Tustin, Orange County?

An escape room is a real-world, immersive puzzle adventure game.

Let’s break that down.

    • “adventure” refers to a goal that you’ll have to accomplish. It all takes place inside a game space (one or several rooms large) that’s been decorated to simulate the game setting as described by the backstory.
      Our game The Terminal, for example, features the exploration of an abandoned NYC subway station. But things don’t always go as planned. As the stakes rise, you and your team will be called on to save the day.
    • “real-world” means it’s not a video game; you get to manipulate real things in a real space.
    • “immersive” means we engineer our sets, decor, and characters to make you feel like you’re there in the story.
      For example, for our Stolen Relic game, the goal is to retrieve an ancient relic from a deranged anthropologist’s home, so we set up the space to make you feel like you’re actually in an academic’s study.
    • “puzzle” means there are things to do and solve. These aren’t jigsaw puzzles, more like Indiana Jones how-do-I-open-this-tomb puzzles.
      To proceed through the game you’ll have to work as a team to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks, which can yield a clue or remove an obstacle, allowing you to move forward.And you have to do all that within 60 minutes.

    Sounds exciting, but what was all that about personal celebrations and team building events?

    Here’s the deal: An escape room game such as the ones here at Intrepid, is an opportunity for adventurers to have experiences they’ve always dreamt about. By designing story-driven escape room missions, room decor and special effects, we put adventurers front and center, actively driving the story forward.

    This actively encourages players to shed inhibitions, put away their phones, and participate in the game, engaging with the others and stepping up to challenges.

    That’s what makes escape rooms like Intrepid such a great option for family bonding, team building, and celebrating personal occasions like birthdays.

    That’s nice! What escape room themes do you offer at Intrepid?

    We currently have 2 escape room missions in our facility – one that sees you have an action-packed adventure in an abandoned subway station, and another in which you explore the house of a mad academic.

    We also have 2 portable/mobile escape room missions – one with a pirate theme and another set inside a scientific laboratory – that we can bring to your home or any other venue where you’re having an event.

    Please visit our on-site rooms and mobile rooms pages for more information.

    Do I need any special skills to take part?

    Teamwork: Collaborate and communicate effectively with your fellow adventurers to open locks and decipher clues.

    Quick Wits: Keep your wits about you to spot hard-to-find clues and solve difficult puzzles.

    Composure: Remain unfazed, even if the clock seems to be ticking down faster than you think it should!

    Humor: Remember, these aren’t your SATs! Enjoy your adventure with your teammates here at Intrepid Escape Rooms. Have more questions? Visit our FAQs page.