Welcome to Intrepid Escape Rooms, your premier destination for immersive escape room experiences. Located just a stone’s throw away from Costa Mesa, CA, we offer a selection of thrilling adventures, meticulously designed to put your intellect and teamwork abilities to the test. Whether you’re celebrating a family birthday, seeking an exhilarating challenge with friends, planning a romantic date night, or aiming to enhance your corporate team’s synergy, our escape rooms provide you with an unforgettable journey. If you’re in search of an engaging and thrilling escape room near Costa Mesa, look no further than Intrepid Escape Rooms.


Embark on an adventure of a lifetime as you explore two unique escape room experiences that will transport you to different realms of intrigue and mystery.

2 to 8





Join us and explore the abandoned urban NYC subway station.

No trains have been down those tracks for decades. What could possibly go wrong?

The Terminal Escape Room

Transport yourself back to 1989 and immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of the old Valencia station, nestled at the end of the Orange line in The Terminal. This hidden gem boasts an extraordinary array of graffiti art spanning two decades. Your journey commences with a unique ride aboard our private train car, setting the stage for the adventure ahead.

Guided by our experts, you’ll descend into the depths of the subway tunnels, embarking on a brief 15-mile hike through abandoned passageways to reach Valencia station. While our Intrepid guides can’t accompany you along this journey, rest assured that a direct line of communication via the station’s maintenance channel is available should you require assistance. However, be forewarned: the tracks have remained dormant for years, and an air of mystery surrounds your path!

2 to 8





Hunt for the missing Askar relic in Malaysia, which has vanished from the dig site. Presumed stolen by a missing anthropologist.

 Can you get to the bottom of the mystery?

The Stolen Relic Escape Room

Following the havoc wrought by a recent cyclone in the Bujang Valley of Malaysia, chaos ensued as the priceless Askar relic vanished from an active archaeological site. The eccentric anthropologist Dr. Vanderwolfe, who mysteriously disappeared during the same period, emerges as the prime suspect. While the recovery of the relic remains a baffling challenge, a glimmer of hope arises with the discovery of cryptic artifacts within Dr. Vanderwolfe’s study.

In response to the summons from Malaysia’s National Museum, Intrepid assembles a team possessing the skills needed to decipher the hidden code within the confines of Dr. Vanderwolfe’s study and unveil concealed truths in the enigmatic journey of “The Stolen Relic.” Your adventure commences with an exclusive trans-oceanic voyage aboard our club’s private train car, setting the stage for a truly unique experience.


Intrepid Escape Rooms is where achievement meets entertainment. Our mission is to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures by crafting immersive, cooperative escape room experiences that make you the hero of your own story. We believe in pushing the boundaries of fun and fostering genuine connections. Our designs transport you to other worlds, our hospitality ensures you feel valued, and our commitment to improvement guarantees a flawless journey. 

At the heart of it all are our escape rooms, real-world puzzle adventures where the stakes are high, and your team holds the key to success. Join us at Intrepid Escape Rooms and embrace an entertainment experience that leaves you thrilled, challenged, and craving more—an adventure where achievement and enjoyment converge seamlessly.


For those unable to visit our Tustin location, Intrepid Escape Rooms offers an exciting mobile escape room option that brings the adventure to your doorstep. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, private party, or any special occasion, our mobile escape room experience ensures that the thrill of solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries is accessible to you wherever you are. Our professionally crafted mobile setups deliver the same level of excitement, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a unique and unforgettable entertainment option at a location of their choice. Bring the escape room adventure to you with Intrepid Escape Rooms’ mobile option, and let the excitement begin.


When it comes to choosing an escape room adventure near Costa Mesa, CA, there’s one name that stands out above the rest – Intrepid Escape Rooms. The following are just a few reasons why people love our Escape Rooms.

Private Bookings

Your group's privacy and enjoyment are paramount. When you book a room with us, you won't have to share your adventure with strangers. You can fully immerse yourself in the challenge, collaborate with your friends or family, and enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles without any interruptions.

Convenient Access

Located with easy freeway access, you'll have no trouble finding us. Plus, our facility offers ample parking right outside our doors, making your visit hassle-free. What's more, our rooms are all situated on the first floor, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Inclusive to All

We're proud to be a family-friendly destination, welcoming young adventurers of all ages. Our rooms are designed to be engaging and challenging for kids ages 8 and up (although kids of all ages are welcome), while not being overly scary. We've also ensured wheelchair accessibility, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience.

Immersion Experience

Prepare to be transported to another world the moment you step into our themed lobby. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality set design create an immersive atmosphere. Our dedicated staff members stay in character, providing guidance and hints as needed, enhancing your escape room adventure.


If you’re searching for the ultimate escape room experience near Costa Mesa, look no further than Intrepid Escape Rooms. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a first-time explorer, our doors are open to you. Join us today for an unforgettable journey of puzzle-solving, excitement, and camaraderie. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to challenge your wits and create lasting memories with friends and family. 

Sign up for one of our captivating escape rooms or reach out to us for more information. Your next great adventure awaits – contact Intrepid Escape Rooms and let the thrill begin!



For more answers to more questions like these, feel free to visit our FAQ page for more information.

Where is Intrepid Escape Rooms located?

Intrepid Escape Rooms is conveniently located in Tustin, CA, at 1622 Edinger Ave Ste C, Tustin, CA 92780 – just a short drive from Costa Mesa.

How many people can participate in an escape room at once?

Our escape rooms are designed to accommodate various group sizes, typically ranging from 2 to 8 participants, depending on the room. We generally recommend a group of 4-6 people for the best experience.

How long does an escape room adventure typically last?

You and your team will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles! This should give you and your group plenty of time to work your way through each challenge.

What happens if we can’t solve all the puzzles and escape in time?

Don’t worry if you don’t solve everything in time; it’s all part of the fun! Our staff will also provide you with helpful hints and clues along the way to give you the best chance of success.