Are you in search of an exceptional and unique event experience in Tustin, Orange County, tailored for groups of up to 50 people? Look no further than Intrepid Escape Rooms, where we specialize in crafting unforgettable escape rooms for large groups. Whether you’re planning a weekend outing with colleagues, a thrilling date night, or a memorable family activity, an escape room for big groups is designed to transport you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. At Intrepid Escape Rooms, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and immersive events in town. It’s not uncommon to see a 30-person team-building event or even larger groups. Step into a world of intrigue and excitement, and let us help you create lasting memories with our escape rooms for large groups.

Make your next event an unforgettable success.

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At Intrepid Escape Rooms, we value your choices when it comes to planning your event. Regardless of the size of your group, we offer various options to ensure you have the best experience:

Booking Directly on Our Website

You always have the option to book your escape room games directly on our website. It’s a hassle-free way to secure your spot for groups of any size.

For Larger Groups

For larger groups of players, we have special offerings designed to enhance your experience:

  • Discounted Rates: Enjoy discounted rates when you bring more players, making it an affordable choice for group outings.
  • Exclusive Party Room Access: Larger groups are given exclusive access to our party room space. This is the perfect area to relax, socialize, and enjoy refreshments between games.
  • Custom Event Planning: Whether you prefer to host your event at Intrepid Escape Rooms or elsewhere, our team is here to work closely with you to create a memorable experience that suits your specific needs.

Booking Assistance

Should you have any special requests or need assistance with your booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Reach out via email at or give us a call at (949) 885-0111. We are dedicated to ensuring your escape room adventure is a success.

Group Size Handling Recommendation
Under 10 People Book Directly Ideal for small gatherings, directly book your games online. You can even book multiple games in a single transaction. All games are private for your group, regardless of size.
10-50 People Contact Us For medium-sized groups, contact us for special on-site arrangements, pricing, and event planning, including access to our party room.
Over 50 People Consider a Mobile Game For larger groups, consider booking our mobile games that we can set up at your venue, and adjust to whatever session length and guest count works best for your event.

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A thrilling experience, one that captures a sense of adventure and takes them out of their comfort zone, is the gift that your loved ones will cherish.


Looking for the ideal setting to bring a big group together? Our escape rooms are the answer. We cater to a variety of group events:

Team Building

Strengthen your team’s collaboration and communication skills as you work together to solve puzzles and break free from our challenging rooms.

Birthday Parties

Make your next birthday celebration truly memorable by testing your wits and creativity in an escape room. A perfect way to celebrate with friends and family.


At Intrepid Escape Rooms, we offer two main escape room options perfect for big groups:

woman playing chess during Orange County escape room

Escape Room

Jewel of the Sea

Pirate Ship
San Diego
Hidden Treasure
Family Friendly
Great For Enthusiasts

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes    Challenge: Moderate

Explore this mysterious 18th century pirate ship docked in beautiful San Diego. 

Rumors say the ship, Jewel of the Sea, still has untold riches hidden in its hull!

Can you find the hidden treasure?

couple looking at each other during Terminal escape room

Escape Room

The Terminal

New York City
Urban Exploration
Family Friendly
Great For First Timers

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes    Challenge: Mild

Join us for a round of urban exploration in an abandoned NYC subway station.

No trains have been down those tracks in decades.

Nothing could possibly go off the rails, right?

woman playing chess during Orange County escape room

Escape Room

The Stolen Relic

Artifact Recovery
Family Friendly
Great For Enthusiasts

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes    Challenge: Moderate

Head to Malaysia with Intrepid’s team of accomplished adventurers to hunt for the Askar relic.

It vanished from a dig site, presumed stolen by a deranged anthropologist who’s also gone missing.

Can you get to the bottom of the mystery?

Have a Group of More Than 50?

Do you have a group of over 50 people? No worries! We offer a unique mobile escape room experience where we bring the fun and excitement to you. Accommodating groups of 50 or more, our mobile games bring the excitement of our escape rooms right to your doorstep, making it perfect for corporate events, large birthday parties, and more.

What About Smaller Events?

While our escape rooms are ideal for large groups and special occasions, they’re also the perfect setting for more intimate gatherings. Date nights take on a thrilling twist at Intrepid Escape Rooms, making them unforgettable experiences for couples or even friends on a double date. Our immersive adventures provide an excellent opportunity to bond, share laughter, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re testing your compatibility with your significant other or enjoying quality time with friends, our escape rooms offer an exciting alternative to traditional outings. Step out of your comfort zone and into a world of mystery, where you’ll work together, problem-solve, and escape the ordinary. Explore the exciting possibilities of date nights in an entirely new light at Intrepid Escape Rooms.

Why Choose Intrepid’s Escape Rooms for Big Groups?

When you’re in search of the ultimate escape room experience for big groups, there are several compelling reasons to choose Intrepid Escape Rooms:

Ample Convenient Parking

We provide plenty of hassle-free parking, ensuring that your experience starts off smoothly.

Private Bookings

Enjoy the exclusive use of our escape rooms for your group, enhancing the overall experience and privacy.

Room for 50 Guests

Our spacious facility can comfortably host groups of up to 50 guests, making it ideal for larger gatherings.

Event Space for Team Activities

We offer a dedicated event space where you can hold team meetings, enjoy refreshments, and celebrate special occasions. Not only does this space provide the perfect ambiance for your events, but it also grants you access to a fully-equipped kitchen. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a team-building session, this event space has you covered. For more details on how to make the most of this versatile space, check out our dedicated pages for birthday parties and team-building.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexibility is key. We can accommodate your group at a time that suits your schedule, even outside regular operating hours.

No Regrets

We know life happens. If some of your event attendees need to cancel last minute, we’re happy to give you a full refund for them up to the minimum for your game / package. More guests than expected? Last minute additions are welcome too. Just let your adventure guide know when you arrive!


Intrepid Escape Rooms is your premier destination for immersive and thrilling escape room experiences designed specifically for large groups and private parties. Whether you’re searching for the perfect escape room for large groups, planning an unforgettable outing with a sizable gathering, or seeking an engaging team-building activity for your big group, our meticulously crafted challenges offer an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, solve intricate puzzles, and ultimately escape within the allotted time. 

Located in the heart of Tustin, Orange County, our escape rooms are not only a source of endless entertainment but also an excellent way to bond with friends, family, or colleagues. Don’t miss out on the excitement – contact us at Intrepid Escape Rooms today to explore our wide range of escape room options, tailored to suit your group’s preferences and interests. If you’re looking for an escape room for big groups, look no further than Intrepid Escape Rooms. Book an escape room today and embark on an unforgettable adventure that will leave everyone talking about your remarkable experience.

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