Jewel of the Sea

Explore the captain’s cabin of a 18th century pirate ship and hopefully find the legendary treasure hidden within.

Will you find the legendary jewel?

Set sail with your crew to San Diego to discover the treasure hidden aboard the Jewel of the Sea. 

Jewel of the Sea

Pirate Ship
Hidden Treasure
Family Friendly
Great For Enthusiasts
Private Bookings

Players: 2 to 8      Time: 60 Minutes     Intensity: Medium

Have you ever wanted to explore a real pirate ship? Intrepid Adventuring Society has the trip for you! 

The restored 18th century pirate ship, Jewel of the Sea, has recently opened its doors to tourists. After a short train ride to San Diego, your adventure guide will provide a guided tour of this historic ship. 

This ship is still shrouded by mystery, and the descendants of the ship’s captain have been very tight lipped about the myths surrounding it. Legend says that there is still treasure aboard hidden aboard that has been lost to time. 

Will you prove the legend true?

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