Our mobile escape games can be set up almost anywhere you want!

Transform wherever you’re having your next holiday party, birthday, or corporate event into an unforgettable, interactive escape room!

Please reach out to us to book a room, reserve a date, or with questions on availability, pricing, or anything else.

Personal information you share with us will be used for providing quotes and services to you, and will not be sold.

What is a mobile escape room?

An Escape Room is a cooperative challenge played in a room filled with puzzles, clues, and locks. Players work together to solve the puzzles and reach the final goal before the time runs out.

Escape rooms are popular activities for puzzle-solving enthusiasts, but also a lot of fun for first-timers, and are often used as team-building activities.

​Most rooms are built in a fixed location, but in our mobile rooms, all the furniture, props, and puzzles are portable and can be set up in a small indoor or outdoor open space, such as a living room, conference room, garage, or patio. We’ve set up everywhere from bedrooms to ballrooms and gyms to country clubs.

​Our Enchanted Treasure Chest experience needs a 10′ x 10′ space, while our fully furnished Edison Puzzle Labs game needs at least 12′ x 12′.

If you have questions about whether our room will work in your space, please reach out!


You provide the space, we take care of the rest…

Mobile Room


Portable Game
Scientific Laboratory
Electricity Theme
Family Friendly

Players:   4 to 10     Time: 10 to 30 Minute Sessions

Ah, people of science! Mr. Edison’s been delayed. We need your help!

A minimum 12’x12′ (144 square foot) open area is typically required. Contact us for options if your space is smaller.​

Mobile Room


Portable Game
Treasure Chest
Pirate Theme
Family Friendly

Players:  2 to 8      Time: 10 to 45 Minutes

Ahoy there, landlubbers! Dare ye weasel out the gold from the enchanted chest?

The entire game is in a single 5’x3′ chest that can be set up anywhere.


We primarily service Orange County and neighboring parts of the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and San Diego in Southern California.​

Event prices typically range from $300 to $800 depending on the number of sessions and drive time.

​All events include:

  • Setup and tear-down
  • One game master per experience
  • Typical drive time and mileage​

Please contact us for a quote and to confirm availability. We charge per hour, not per person, so you’ll know upfront how much the event will cost.

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A thrilling experience, one that captures a sense of adventure and takes them out of their comfort zone, is the gift that your loved ones will cherish.

Bring the excitement of an escape room to your next event!