Edison Puzzle Lab

You provide the space, we take care of the rest!

This is our laboratory-themed portable escape game, that we can set up in any room at your place!

Portable Escape Game

Minimum 10'x10' Space

20 or 30 Minute Sessions

Edison Puzzle Lab

Ah, people of science! Mr. Edison’s been delayed. We need your help!

Edison Puzzle Lab

Portable Game
Scientific Laboratory
Electricity Theme
Family Friendly

Players: 4 to 10      Time: 20 or 30 Minute Sessions


You’re one of Thomas Edison’s new assistants? Perfect timing.

Mr. Edison is stuck on a train, but has an urgent task for you in his lab. He has sent you a telegram…

* This is a portable game that we can set up wherever you’re at…but we need a 10’x10′ (100 square foot) open area. If your available space is smaller, call us for options.

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Looking For A Gift They’ll Cherish?

Give your loved ones a chance to becomes scientists on Thomas Edison’s team, and work in his laboratory!

Your Adventure In Thomas Edison’s Lab Awaits!