The Stolen Relic

Investigate the disappearance of a valuable relic… and of the man who is presumed to have seen it last.

Can You Find The Relic Before Chaos Takes Over?

Work as a team to investigate an anthropologist’s house in Malaysia and retrieve an ancient relic. You have 60 minutes before complete chaos overtakes the locals.

The Stolen Relic

Anthropologist's Study
Find A Relic
Great For Enthusiasts

Players: 2 to 8    Time: 60 Minutes     Intensity: Medium

Just after the cyclone three weeks ago, the priceless Askar relic went missing from a dig site in the Bujang Valley in Malaysia.

It’s been assumed to have been stolen by the deranged anthropologist Dr. Vanderwolfe, who went missing around the same time. No progress has been made on recovering the relic, except that several cryptic items were found in Dr. Vanderwolfe’s study.

Malaysia’s National Museum invited Intrepid to put together a team to decipher the clues in Dr. Vanderwolfe’s study and search for any further clues.

Trans-oceanic passage on the club’s private train car is included.

Can you solve this baffling mystery?

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A Unique Gift They’re Sure To Love!

Challenge your loved ones to examine the clues in the anthropologist’s study and solve the mystery of the relic’s disappearance before time runs out!

Your Ancient Relic Adventure Awaits!