The Terminal

Urban exploration of an abandoned New York City subway station…what could possibly go wrong?

The Terminal

Team up with your loved ones to join us for an unforgettable time of urban exploration in an abandoned NYC subway station.

The Terminal

Abandoned Subway Station
Stop A Train
Family Friendly
Great For First Timers

Players: 2 to 8      Time: 60 Minutes     Intensity: Low

Sealed off in 1999, the old Valencia station at the end of the Orange line boasts an impressive collection of graffiti art from the past two decades.

After a brief ride on our private train car, our guides will escort you down to the subway tunnels, from which it’s just a short 15-mile hike through an abandoned stretch of tunnel to Valencia station.

While our Intrepid guides can’t accompany you for liability reasons, you can reach us via the station’s maintenance line should the need arise… but then, no trains have been down that track for years…

What could possibly go wrong?

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Looking For A Gift They’ll Cherish?

Give your loved ones a chance to do a bit of urban expoloration in an abandoned NYC subway station.

Your Subway Terminal Adventure Awaits!