Are you searching for the perfect family activity that combines excitement, problem-solving, and quality bonding time? Look no further than Intrepid Escape Rooms – a family friendly escape room located here in Orange County! Located in the heart of Tustin, CA, we offer an immersive and inclusive experience that’s perfect for families with young children. Join us as we explore why our escape rooms are the ideal choice for families looking to embark on a thrilling adventure together.


Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Family Adventure

Escape rooms are more than just games; they’re immersive experiences designed to challenge your intellect, foster teamwork, and ignite your imagination. Imagine being transported into a world of mystery, where you and your family become the heroes of your own story. It’s not just a game; it’s a thrilling adventure where the stakes are high, and your team’s problem-solving skills are put to the test.


At Intrepid Escape Rooms, we believe in the power of these immersive, real-world puzzle adventures to bring families closer together. It’s a chance to disconnect from screens, work together, and create lasting memories. Plus, escape rooms provide an excellent opportunity for young minds to develop problem-solving skills and for adults to strengthen their teamwork abilities.


Intrepid Escape Rooms: The Best Family-Friendly Escape Rooms

Our mission at Intrepid Escape Rooms is simple: fuse achievement with entertainment through three core factors: Design, Hospitality, and Fun.



Our escape rooms are meticulously crafted to provide a fun, immersive experience. Each room has a unique theme and storyline, making you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.



We’re committed to making everyone feel special and valued. From the moment you step into our lobby to the time you escape (or not!), you’ll experience top-notch service.



We’ve taken care to remove or improve anything that might detract from your experience. We want you to have a blast from start to finish.

2 Different Family-Friendly Escape Rooms to Explore

Choose from 2 of our unique experiences:

The Terminal

Step into the sealed-off Valencia station, untouched since 1989, adorned with decades of graffiti art. After a thrilling ride on our private train car, your adventure begins. Venture through abandoned subway tunnels to where the Valencia station awaits. While our Intrepid guides can’t accompany you for liability reasons, rest assured, our maintenance line is at your service, though no train has graced those tracks in years. Team up with your loved ones for an unforgettable urban exploration experience in a NYC subway station. 

Learn more about “The Terminal.

The Stolen Relic

Following a recent cyclone, the priceless Askar relic vanished from a Malaysian dig site. Rumor has it the enigmatic Dr. Vanderwolfe, who disappeared around the same time, may hold the key to its recovery. Malaysia’s National Museum calls on Intrepid to decode cryptic clues in Dr. Vanderwolfe’s study. Prepare for a trans-oceanic journey on our club’s private train car. Work as a team to investigate the anthropologist’s house and retrieve the ancient relic. Time is of the essence; chaos looms.

Learn more about “The Stolen Relic.


What Makes Our Escape Rooms Special?

When it comes to escape rooms that are family-friendly, ours stands out for several reasons:


Diverse Themes

Our escape room offers a wide range of themes that cater to various interests. Whether your family enjoys solving mysteries, exploring ancient civilizations, or unraveling science-fiction puzzles, we have a theme that will captivate your imagination.


Age-Appropriate Challenges

We understand that families include members of all ages, from young children to grandparents. Our puzzles are carefully designed to be age-appropriate, ensuring that everyone can participate and contribute to the excitement.


Team Building

Escape rooms are excellent for fostering teamwork and communication. Families will need to work together to solve puzzles and progress through the challenges, creating strong bonds and lasting memories.


Expertly Crafted Puzzles

Our puzzles are meticulously crafted to provide both entertainment and mental stimulation. You’ll encounter riddles, codes, and mysteries that will keep you engaged from start to finish.


Immersive Atmosphere

Step into a different world as you enter our escape room. The attention to detail in our room design, props, and in-character staff creates an immersive atmosphere that enhances the overall experience.

family after escaping the Terminal

Why Choose Intrepid Escape Rooms?

When you choose Intrepid Escape Rooms, you’re selecting more than just an escape room experience. You’re opting for:


Private Bookings

For a personalized experience, we offer private bookings, ensuring you and your group have the room to yourselves.



Located in Tustin, CA, our facility is easily accessible, with ample parking, wheelchair-friendly amenities, and a convenient first-floor location.



Our escape rooms are family-friendly and not scary, making them suitable for a wide range of ages and preferences.


Immersion and Quality

From our themed lobby to our quality set design and in-character staff, we’re dedicated to providing a top-tier experience.


Mobile Escape Rooms

Can’t make it to our location? No problem! We offer a mobile escape room option where we come to you, whether you’re in Anaheim, Irvine, or a nearby town. It’s the perfect solution for birthday parties or any special occasion that calls for a unique and engaging experience.


Ready for a Family-Friendly Escape Room Challenge?

If you’re looking for an escape room that is family-friendly, look no further than Intrepid Escape Rooms. We are your ticket to an extraordinary family-friendly escape room adventure in Orange County. Don’t miss the chance to bond with your loved ones, challenge your minds, and embark on an unforgettable journey. Book an escape room experience today and discover why families choose us for fun, excitement, and lasting memories. Join us, and become the hero of your own story!


How many people can participate in the family-friendly escape room?

Our escape room can comfortably accommodate groups ranging from 2 to 8 people, making it perfect for both small and large families. If you have a larger group and would like to include a couple more players, we can certainly accommodate you. However, please keep in mind that with groups larger than 8, some participants may not have as many puzzles to work on, which can impact the overall experience.

Is the experience suitable for young children?

Yes, our puzzles and challenges are thoughtfully crafted to be accessible to both children and adults, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the adventure. We’ve found that children often bring unique perspectives and ideas to the experience, making it even more enjoyable for the whole family.

Is there an age limit?

There’s no strict age limit, as our rooms are family-friendly. However, children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

Can we celebrate special occasions in the escape room?

Absolutely! We can accommodate birthday parties, anniversaries, and other celebrations, adding a unique and memorable touch to your special day.