Tis the season to make unforgettable memories!

Tired of the same old Yuletide routine?

Looking for something to do at Christmastime that’s completely new and unique?

Searching for Xmas gift ideas that your folks will really relish?

You’re in luck – we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

Read on to discover what it is and how you can rev up the celebrations with family, friends, and coworkers this year!

A thrilling Christmas adventure

Picture this: you and your loved ones walk into a whole new world full of mystery, intrigue, and adventure.

Unlock secrets and take on adrenaline-pumping missions amidst a landscape that could be in NYC, or even faraway Malaysia…all without having to step foot outside of Tustin.

Hang on, are you talking about an escape room?

Yes, we are…but this isn’t your everyday puzzle room.

We’re Intrepid Escape Rooms – Orange County’s newest mystery adventure room, and we’re opening our doors just in time for the holiday season!

Whoa, back up a little. I’ve never done an escape room before. How does it work?

Here’s the deal.

You and your team are led into a room or a space that’s been decked out with props and decor to simulate a specific situation – which could be anything from an abandoned subway station to the residence of an eccentric academic.

Hidden amidst the props will be clues revealing how to proceed.

You’ll have to spot the clues and follow them till you finally find the final piece of the puzzle and accomplish your mission.

To find and decipher clues, you may have to do anything from solving puzzles and breaking codes to finding secret panels and working out how to open special locks.

Can you do all that and beat the game before time (60 minutes) runs out?

But it’s called an “escape room”. What are we escaping? Will we be locked inside the room?

Will you be locked inside the room? Absolutely not. You can exit the room at any point during the game without any special keys or codes.

So, what are you “escaping”? Well, in a way, you’re escaping everyday reality for an escapade that feels straight out of a movie. Oh, and there might be one or two things headed your way in the adventure – “twists in the game”, so to speak – but you’ll have to wait till you’re actually inside to find out!
As you proceed, the props and special effects will immerse you in the experience – you’ll feel yourself actively inside the game instead of just solving a series of puzzles.

Just another escape room?

I’ve heard of escape rooms / I’ve done escape rooms before. What makes yours unique?

Have you ever been aboard a special escape room train that takes you to your adventure space?

Here at Intrepid, you don’t have to wait for your turn inside the actual escape room for the immersion to kick in.

We’ve converted our lobby into an Adventurers’ Club, with special maps, books, and even some games.

Instead of staring at blank walls, you can study the maps and try out the games as you wait for your adventure to begin.

Once your turn arrives, your Adventure Guide will take you aboard the Intrepid Express – our private “train,” which will take you to your escape room (coming mid-December).

You’ll actually see the scenery outside the windows changing as the train chugs forward.

But do remember to listen to your Guide as they’ll be briefing you about your escape room mission.

As your stop arrives, your Guide will wish you luck and point you toward the escape room itself.

With the clock ticking, you fan out across the space and look for your first clue.

Sounds interesting! What adventures can I take part in?

Right now, we’ve got a couple of traditional on-site mystery rooms that you can choose from.

The Terminal

You and your team are exploring Valencia station, an abandoned station hidden in the bowels of New York’s subway system.

Feel free to walk around and explore the abandoned station.

After all, no trains have been through that stretch for years – what could possibly go wrong?
Want to check out what happens next? Visit the game page.

The Stolen Relic

Malaysia’s National Museum needs your help!

A priceless relic has gone missing from a dig site in the country. Around the same time, a well-known but eccentric anthropologist went missing.

Could the two incidents be connected?

Think you can crack this case? To test your Sherlock skills, visit the game page.

Who can I share this experience with?

In a word – everyone.

All of our adventures are family-friendly, and everyone – from age 8 to age 88 and beyond – is welcome.

You’re in a wheelchair? No problem – our facility is wheelchair-accessible, and you can take part in all of our adventures!

Christmastime family gatherings in Orange County

Searching for how to make this year’s family gathering for the holidays truly special?

Our Tustin location is perfect for Orange County families looking for a Christmas activity that everyone can enjoy. 

Currently, we can accommodate groups of up to 16 adventurers simultaneously in our on-site escape rooms.

If you’re looking for an event with more than 16 people, please call us at (949) 885-0111 or email us at info@intrepidescaperooms.com.

Designed for everyone from the grandkids to the grandparents and even beyond, an Intrepid escape adventure can be THE Christmas family gathering everyone looks back on for years.

Workplace Christmas party in Orange County

Want to rev up the office Christmas party?

Wondering how best to reconnect and bond with your team members and employees before you close for the holidays?

Look no further than our escape rooms!

Our adventures are perfect for team building and group bonding and offer a challenging yet enjoyable activity that everyone will love.

We can host up to 16 adventurers simultaneously in our on-site escape rooms; if your group has more than 16 people, please call us at (949) 885-0111 or email us at info@intrepidescaperooms.com.

Plus, we’re in Tustin, which is centrally located in Orange County, making it easy for your office group to get to our facility, no matter where you’re from!

Intrepid’s unique escape adventures will prompt everyone in your group to actively participate, making for a holiday season office party that’ll blow up your social media feed!

Christmas date in Orange County

Looking for something other than dinner and a Patrick Dempsey movie to mark December 25th?

Want something refreshing to do with your significant other this Christmas?

Our escape room adventures are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit with your date.

With puzzles to solve and clues to decode, you’ll need to work together to make your escape. 

The clock ticking down just adds to the fun!

And our facility is in Tustin, right in the heart of Orange County. 

So whether you’re looking for a fun Christmas date idea or just want to try something new to mark the final Sunday of 2022, our escape rooms are the perfect choice.

A Yuletide gift idea for your loved ones

Struggling to decide what presents to give your loved ones this Christmas? Looking for more than sweaters, scented candles, and Target gift cards?

Here’s an idea: send them an Intrepid escape adventure gift card.

A gift card? Hang on, didn’t you dismiss gift cards seconds before? Yes we did…but an Intrepid gift card is very different from typical gift vouchers.

Here’s how: An Intrepid gift voucher offers your loved ones a very specific gift – the opportunity to step into a make-believe world and participate in a satisfyingly intriguing experience. They have to use their wits to uncover mysteries and accomplish missions, making for an adventure they’ll remember for years to come!

Places near Intrepid where you can have a post-adventure Xmas Dinner

  • Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill does as good a job on their Christmas decor as they do with their fajitas and enchiladas!
  • The Citrus Cafe is known for its Eggs Benedict and Christmas atmosphere (or so we’re told).
  • You don’t need to actually be in the Biggle Apple to enjoy some NYC pizza this Christmas – you need to be in Terra Mia Pizzeria!
  • Sushi Bear on McFadden Ave. It’s called Sushi Bear; can’t you guess what you’ll get there?
    • If you’ve never been there before, check out their bento box options!
  • And all you burger buffs out there can head for Burger Boss and ask for the grassfed beef burger, or build your own!

Can’t make it to our Tustin escape room?

No problem – we’ll bring the fun to you!

We have 2 mobile escape rooms, which we can take along and set up wherever you are!

Edison Puzzle Lab

As Thomas Edison’s new assistants, it’s your job to follow his instructions and carry out an urgent task in his lab.

Are you up to the challenge?

This game can accommodate between 4 to 10 players in 20 to 30-minute sessions.We need at least a 10’x10′ (100 square foot) open area to set this up. If your available space is smaller, call us for options.

Enchanted Treasure Chest

You must steal the gold from the captain’s treasure chest while he’s gone.

If he catches you…let’s just say there’ll be no one left to tell your tale. Savvy?

Can you survive the challenge?

This can accommodate between 2 to 8 players in 10 to 45-minute sessions.The entire game is in a single 5’x3′ chest that can be set up anywhere. For any clarifications, please call us.

Planning a unique Orange County Christmas – a final word

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start planning your most unique Christmas activity yet! 

Just to recap

  • Our on-site escape rooms can accommodate up to 16 people simultaneously. We can also plan a special party for your group to mark the holiday.
  • We’re easily accessible from all around Orange County.
  • However, if you can’t make it to our Tustin location, we can take our mobile escape rooms to you.
  • For larger groups, or if you have queries, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Our escape room is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and have a little fun. We can’t wait to see you here!