Don’t let a little rain get in the way of quality time with your significant other!

I’m singin’ in the rain…

Just singin’ in the rain…

What a glorious feeling!

Gene Kelly certainly did make spending time outdoors in the rain seem like one of the most romantic things to do, ever.

Except, of course, that was in a movie (10 points if you can name the movie).

On the other hand, most real-world couples (and we’ve hosted a few here at our escape room) prefer to remain indoors on rainy days.

The best rainy day activities for couples in Orange County

To begin with, it doesn’t rain all that often around here. 

Which is probably why we aren’t used to the most obvious OC date ideas, like catching the sun at the beach and a day out at Disneyland, being ruled out of our plans.

So, what ARE the most romantic things to do when it pours?

How should you spend time with your beau in Orange County when the weather plays spoilsport?

That’s what we’ll reveal right now – the best rainy day date ideas in Orange County!

The Morning Lavender Boutique & Cafe

The image is taken from The Morning Lavender’s website.

From locally designed boho-chic fashion pieces to freshly brewed lattes and delicious scones, this boutique has everything you need to pamper yourself while spending time with your partner.

Sip on your latte, take in the fragrance of their floral displays and freshly baked pastries, and sift through the dresses and other offerings at their boutique.

With an ambiance that exudes coziness, The Morning Lavender Boutique & Cafe is a great date place in Orange County – rainy day or otherwise!

Website: Visit the website

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Phone: (714) 486-1429

Lemon and Honey Day Spa

Rejuvenate the romance with a spa day!

Escape wet and dreary days with some pampering, side-by-side, at Lemon and Honey Day Spa.

Relax and unwind together with a multitude of services such as couples facials or massages.

This is a romantic and relaxing way to feel close and connected to your partner. 

Whether you’re looking for deep tissue, hot stone, or Swedish massage, Lemon and Honey Day Spa will provide the warmth and comfort that will make your experience truly special.

Website: Visit the website

Inquiry form: Visit the contact page


Intrepid Escape Rooms

Team up for a thrilling escape room adventure!

Think cafes and spas are passé? Looking for something more adventurous to do as a couple, even as the rain pours down? ?

Try these on for size:


      • Exploring an abandoned station deep inside New York City’s subway system.

      • Investigating the simultaneous vanishing of a powerful relic and an eccentric anthropologist in Malaysia.

    Nope, we aren’t kidding.

    Those are the experiences you can expect here at Intrepid Escape Rooms.

    If you haven’t heard of an escape room before, it’s an immersive experience that takes place in a specially designed (indoor) adventure space.

    You’ll be assigned a mission, and you’ll have 60 minutes to accomplish it.

    To win, you must work as a team to crack codes, solve puzzles, and spot clues revealing how to proceed.

    Can you get to the final clue and complete your mission before time runs out?

    Leave the dreary weather and distractions like work emails at the door and spark a connection between yourselves as you try to beat the game!

    Website: Visit the home page

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

    Inquiry form: Visit the contact page


    Phone: (949) 885-0111

    Bowers Museum

    The image is taken from the Metrolink website.

    One of the best times to enjoy fine art is while it’s raining.

    For whatever reason, it feels very soothing to take in works of fine art inside a museum while rain pitter patters outside.

    And one of the best places for that in Orange County has to be the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.

    From Polynesian artifacts to Chinese art to American paintings – the breadth of their exhibits will blow you away!

    It is truly an enchanting and memorable experience for all who visit.

    Website: Visit the website

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

    Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

    Phone: (714) 567-3600

    Orange County Museum of Art

    The image is taken from a Forbes article.

    As we said – a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to explore all the fascinating artwork in Orange County.

    This time, we’re talking about the Orange County Museum of Art.

    Whether you plan to admire the impressive collections of modern art, explore the temporary exhibitions and interactive installations, or simply appreciate a cup of coffee while enjoying live music in the courtyard – there is something special for everyone! 

    With diverse artwork ranging from traditional paintings to contemporary sculptures, this relaxing atmosphere just steps away from Fashion Island Mall will treat all couples to an unforgettable experience.

    Website: Visit the website

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps


    Phone: (714) 780-2130

    The Outlets At Orange

    The image is taken from the Visit Anaheim website.

    Couples shopping is a great way to spend a rainy day with your beau.

    Head for The Outlets at Orange, where you can find plenty of fun and exciting items to sift through. 

    From high-end stores to more affordable options, you’ll quickly find something that suits your needs. 

    And when you’re done with shopping, you can cap off your day with rainy day classics such as bowling, catching a movie at AMC, or dropping in at Dave and Busters! 

    We’d say this is a destination that can easily prove enough for one day.

    With shopping, dining, movies, and so much more – this is a perfect spot for couples to spend their day!

    Tip: You might be outdoors, facing the elements, while you’re going from one store to another, so it’s a good idea to carry along an umbrella.

    Website: Visit the website

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

    Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

    Phone: (714) 769-4001

    Fashion Island

    The image is taken from the Fashion Island website.

    Visiting Fashion Island is the perfect way for a couple to have quality experiences on a rainy day in Orange County. 

    Whether you’d like to grab lunch from one of the many restaurants, catch a movie in the state-of-the-art theater, or relax with some shopping at the upscale stores, you are sure to enjoy your time together at this Orange County oasis. 

    It’s also possible to sit outside and still be protected from the rain with their comfortable covered walkways. 

    When it comes to couple experiences that you’ll remember, Fashion Island has numerous exciting options for you to choose from.

    Website: Visit the website

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

    Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

    Phone: (949) 721-2000

    Anaheim Packing District

    The image is taken from the Timeout website.

    Couples can explore all the culinary wonders of Orange County at the Anaheim Packing District. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, there’s a wide array of amazing food and drinks to try out. 

    The district features local vendors and bars that offer an array of dishes from around the world. It’s sure to cater to every dietary requirement – even vegan options! 

    For a cozy snack, the food hall has you covered. 

    Or if you’re feeling daring and adventurous, there are plenty of exciting choices to discover.

    Website: Visit the website

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps


    Phone: (714) 533-7225

    Cooking classes

    Who’ll emerge as the better cook?

    From mastering a decadent steak dinner to learning how to prepare dessert pastries, cooking classes – whether in-person or online – offer something for everyone. 

    A great option on a rainy day, these classes are fun and interactive, leaving you with skills and knowledge you’ll use for months to come! 

    To top it off, you can build memories together that will last a lifetime.

    Indoor rock climbing

    Cheer each other on as you try to get to the top!

    What better way to stay warm and dry during the rainy season than by going for some indoor rock climbing? 

    It’s an incredibly fun, adventurous activity that brings spice to any relationship!

    And there are tons of gyms and facilities in OC with walls catered to all climbing levels.

    Whether you are a beginner, excited to experience the climb for the first time, or an experienced climber looking for a challenge – there’s a wall in OC for you.

    The Richard Nixon Presidential Museum And Library

    Explore the highs and lows of one of the most consequential presidencies in US history!

    Are you and your significant other history and/or politics buffs? Then you KNOW where to head for a special time together – the Presidential Library of our 37th Commander-In-Chief.

    As the rain lashes outside, walk through some of the most tumultuous times in US Presidential history.

    Go through the interactive exhibits, touchscreens, and films, and learn about President Nixon’s lifetime achievements and more.

    View artifacts from the Nixon era, including a personal White House china collection and an impressive replica of the Oval Office, with audio tours providing information about its history.

    Who knows – maybe you’ll learn about aspects of the Nixon Presidency that you were completely unaware of!

    Website: Visit the website

    Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

    Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

    Phone: (714) 983-9120

    Couple things to do in the OC when it’s raining – a final word

    Hopefully, this list has helped you brainstorm a few fun things to do with your significant other the next time it rains in Orange County. 

    Remember, don’t let a little rain ruin your date night – get creative and make the most of it! 

    Let us know where YOU had your rainy day date and what you did in a comment below!